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RCXiVY2+ (RCX320 / RCX340) Feature

Yamaha's own unique solution for integrated robot vision

RCXiVY2+ (RCX320 / RCX340)

RCXiVY2+ (RCX320 / RCX340)

Integrated Robot Vision System with
Simplicity / Sophistication / Assurance
Yamaha's own unique solution for integrated robot vision

  • Supported controllers :
  • Number of screen pixels :
    400,000 pixels / 1,600,000 pixels / 3,200,000 pixels / 5,000,000 pixels
  • Model setting capacuiy :
    254 models


Advanced RCXiVY2+ has been launched.

Simplicity Setup is completed as little as eight minutes after power-on. Auto-calibration makes setup easy.
Sophistication With up to five million pixels, a variety of workpieces can be supported. Improve throughput to 100 CPM with conveyor tracking.
Assurance Comprehensive support covers everything from camera image acquisition to the operation of the gripper and robot. With support that only the robot manufacturer can provide, you can relax.

RCXiVY2+ features:

Compensating parts orientation on the fly

Conveyor follower

Searching randomly placed parts

Positioning of products that are fixed roughly

Top/bottom judgement

OK/NG judgement

Various data

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