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Clean single-axis robot FLIP-XC type (FLIP-X series)

Suitable for electronics parts, food, and medical equipment related work in the clean room. Clean single-axis robot FLIP-XC type is introduced.

FLIP-XC type (FLIP-X series)

FLIP-XC type (FLIP-X series)Clean single-axis robots

A clean room applicable model of the less expensive compact single-axis robot FLIP-X series. Suction air joint is provided as standard accessory and low dust emission grease is used.
As a stainless sheet with excellent durability is attached to the slide table surface, this achieves high cleanliness degree.

Degree of cleanliness : CLASS 3 (ISO14644-1) C4L/C4LH, C5L/C5LH, C6L
Degree of cleanliness : CLASS 10 (FED-STD-209D) Except a left model
*Per 1cf (0.1µm base),when suction blower is used.

  • Stroke
    50 to 2050mm
  • Intake air
    15 to 90Nℓ/min
  • Degree of cleanliness
  • Maximum payload
ISO14644-1 of equivalent, when a suction blower is used.


01Excellent maintenance ability

For C4L to C6L models, removing the screws from the side panel of the slider will allow replacement of the inner roller without detaching the tool. For C8 to C20 models, even when the direct coupling structure is used, the motor or ball screw can be replaced individually.

Excellent maintenance ability

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