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Clean single-axis robot SSC type (TRANSERVO series)

Suitable for electronics parts, food, and medical equipment related work in the clean room. Clean single-axis robot SSC type is introduced.

Clean single-axis robot SSC type (TRANSERVO series)

SSC type (TRANSERVO series)Clean single-axis robots

A clean room applicable model of the less expensive compact single-axis robot TRANSERVO series.
Suction air joint is provided as standard accessory and low dust emission grease is used.
As a stainless sheet with excellent durability is attached to the slide table surface, this achieves high cleanliness degree. This robot can also be used vertically.
Degree of cleanliness : CLASS 10
*Per 1cf (0.1µ base),when suction blower is used.

  • Stroke
    50 to 800mm
  • Intake air
    15 to 80Nℓ/min
  • Degree of cleanliness
  • Maximum payload

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