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Industrial robots

Design aid data

CAD data, User's Manual (manual) data, catalog data, software, EDS file of DeviceNet or EtherNet/IP, and GDS file of PROFIBUS can be downloaded.

CAD data



Support Software / Programingbox

YHX Controller

YHX Studio
YHX Studio / YHX Project / Device file for each model

TS Controller


EP-01 Controller


RCX320/RCX340 Controller

PBX update data

Latest version (V1.20) [Operation compatibility RCX340/320 : V1.83, R0396~]
The latest version of screen program for the RCX340/320 controller programming box "PBX" will be downloaded.
* To change the language, download the data from below.
* Check your RCX340/320 controller version before using.

There are two types of data for updating the PBX, depending on the board (new or old) on which it is installed.
If the wrong data is used to update the PBX, the PBX may not be able to start.
Please select the data to be used with great care.

USB driver

Fieldbus setting file

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Facsimile 81-53-525-8378

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