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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart

Industrial robots

Design aid data

CAD data, User's Manual (manual) data, catalog data, software, EDS file of DeviceNet or EtherNet/IP, and GDS file of PROFIBUS can be downloaded.

CAD data



Support Software / Programingbox

YHX Controller

YHX Studio
YHX Studio / YHX Project / Device file for each model

TS Controller


RCX320/RCX340 Controller

PBX update data

Latest version by language (V1.14) [Operation compatibility RCX340 : V1.46,R0299~]
The latest version of screen data for the RCX340 controller programming box "PBX" can be downloaded.
* To change the language, download the data from below.
* Check your RCX340 controller version before using.

USB driver

Fieldbus setting file

127 Toyooka, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 433-8103, Japan

Telephone 81-53-525-8350 /
Facsimile 81-53-525-8378

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