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Industrial robots

How we make YAMAHA robots

More than 30 years of accumulated achievements through the production of motorcycles in our own factories and YAMAHA's system of 'integration of manufacture, sales and technology' support reliable production.

More than 40 years of accumulated achievements prove how trustworthy we are.

YAMAHA started robotics development more than 40 years ago when we introduced robotics into our motorcycle production line.

Since then, YAMAHA’s industrial robots have been supporting various kinds of production facilities in many industries including assembling consumer electric appliances, transporting car-mounted parts and producing large liquid crystal panels.

The long history of accumulating achievements through survival in market places and improvement after improvement shows our high reliability.

Comfort to customers and reliability to products

YAMAHA’s system of “integration of manufacture, sales and technology” supports the manufacture of reliable products. The people in these three sections see each other and roll over the section walls to cooperate/collaborate so that they can promptly respond to customers’ requests and questions as well as provide solutions to problems. It is not unusual that an engineer comes with a sales representative to visit a customer for direct technical conversation.

Opportunities like this to stay close to the customer site help develop a next product.

Technological development by inheriting unique technology and anticipating market needs

The “motor control technology” essential to accurate and high speed motion, “mechanical controller development technology” clearing the strict pass/fail criteria, “signal processing technology” that supports stable operation under harsh environment ...

Through further promotion of enriching and sophisticating these unique technologies that YAMAHA has been establishing since the date of starting this business, YAMAHA maintains high reputation in such areas as rigidity, durability and operability.

Besides, we develop “core technology*” in-house to appropriately and promptly respond to varieties of requests so that accumulating such know-how enables us to speed up new product development and flexible product deployment.

Control circuit boards, linear motors, linear scales (position detector), etc.

YAMAHA’s quality makes you comfortable.

The quality assurance system that streamlines development, purchase, manufacture, shipping and after sales services ensures product safety and reliability.

We produce key components in-house. Integration of quality and workmanship into products and quality control according to the strict pass/fail criteria, which no one but only the robot manufacturer is capable of, realizes the high quality products.

Evaluation system that leads to high reliability

Evaluation technology is yet another field that YAMAHA is keen to develop to guarantee the product reliability.

Including for instance the evaluation test at the “anechoic chamber*”, one of YAMAHA’s facilities, YAMAHA establishes an evaluation system during a product development to ensure high reliability and quality.

Anechoic chamber

A facility shared by YAMAHA group companies to comprehensively develop the EMC technology (electromagnetic compatibility) for YAMAHA group products. Complying with the international standards, the facility is capable of evaluating the compliance to regulations of various countries.

Manufacturing processes sticking to our belief

The manufacturing processes also fully utilize the “integration of manufacture, sales and technology” system philosophy. Streamlining a series of processes, such as inspection -> processing -> assembling -> inspection -> shipping, enables us to offer customers high quality, low cost products within a short delivery time.

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