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Support software RCX-Studio 2020 Feature

Programming software for RCX 3 Series Controller

Support software RCX-Studio 2020


New features to greatly reduce startup time

RCX-Studio 2020 Programming software for RCX 3 series controllers

RCX-Studio 2020 BasicRCX-Studio 2020 Pro
Improves production startup time Start programming before robot delivery

New functions such as 3D simulator function and program template (program template automatic creation function) are added for ease of user operation.

3D simulator NEW

Layout can be verified beforehand without connecting robot.

Robots and peripheral devices are displayed in 3D, and the robot operation is simulated on PC.

Robot layout, teaching, and debugging can be performed.
Physical interference between the robot and peripheral device can be checked before operation is started.

Program template(Program template automatic creation function) NEW

Program creation time can be shortened greatly.

Program templates for 10 types of applications are incorporated. Just following the steps to perform the operation creates a program template automatically.

Custom window creation NEW

Operation screens suitable for the customer’s equipment can be created.

GUIs for operators that are displayed on the panel computer can be created.

Other existing functions

All useful features from RCX-Studio Pro are succeeded to help supporting from startup to maintenance.

Cycle time calculator
Real time trace
Data comparison

Various data

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