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Industrial robots

Clean cartesian robots XY-XC type

Introduces the clean Cartesian robots.

Clean cartesian robots XY-XC type

XY-XCClean Cartesian robots

Stainless steel sheet with superb durability is mounted on unit upper surface.
Can also be used in perpendicular position.

Degree of cleanliness : CLASS 10
*Per 1cf (0.1µm base),when suction blower is used.

  • Intake air:
    60 to 90 Nℓ/min.
  • Degree of cleanliness:
  • Maximum payload:
  • Maximum speed:
    1000 mm/sec.
User cable D-Sub 25 pin connector (No. 1 through 24 are already connected and No. 25 is for grounding)
User tube three Φ 6 air tubes

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