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Robot driver TS-SD

Robot driver TS-SD dedicated to the TRANSERVO series applicable to the pulse train input is introduced.


TS-SDPulse train input driver for single-axis robot "TRANSERVO"

  • Operating method :
    Pulse train control
  • Input power :
    Main power supply DC24V+/-10%,Control power supply DC24V +/-10%
  • Position detection method :


01Available for all TRANSERVO series models.

Available for all TRANSERVO series models.

02Pulse train input driver for single-axis robot "TRANSERVO"

Robot driver that supports pulse train input has now been added for YAMAHA single-axis robot "TRANSERVO".

03Uses vector control

Design based on the TS-S robot positioner allows easy control combining the best points of servos and stepping motors. This reduces a torque decrease in the highspeed range and achieves a high level of quietness.

04Closed loop control by resolver

High resolution of 20480 pulses per revolution and closed loop control eliminate step-out unique to high precision positioning and stepping motor.

05Supports a wide range of pulse train control

Supports open collector and line driver methods selectable by parameter setting and signal wiring connection. The open collector method is compatible with a wide voltage range from 5 to 24 V, and easily matches specs of the host device you want to use.

06Operable with the TS-Manager software for the TS series

The TS-SD can be operated with the TS-Manager software (Ver. 1.3.0 or later) having a full range of functions including robot parameter setting, backup, and real-time trace the same as on the TS series controllers.
Note. The handy terminal "HT1" cannot be used with the TS-SD.

Operable with the TS-Manager software for the TS series

07Daisy chain function

Connecting two or more TS series controllers and drivers in a daisy chain allows editing data on any one unit from a PC.

Up to 16 units connectable
Requires dedicated cables (sold separately)
Daisy chain function

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