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Robot driver TS-SD

Robot driver TS-SD dedicated to the TRANSERVO series applicable to the pulse train input is introduced.



Model TS-SD
Basic specifications
Number of controllable axes Single-axis
Controllable robots TRANSERVO series
Maximum power consumption 70 to 110VA
Dimensions W30 × H162 × D82mm
Weight Approx. 0.2kg
Input power supply Control power supply DC24V +/- 10%
Main power supply DC24V +/- 10%
Axis control
Operating method Pulse train control
Control method Closed loop vector control method
Position detection method Resolver
Resolution 20480 P/rev
Origin search method Incremental
External input/output
Pulse train command input Line driver method : 500 kpps or less
Open collector method : 100 kpps or less (DC5 to 24V +/- 10%)
Input Servo ON (SERVO), reset (RESET) origin search (ORG)
Output Servo status (SRV-S), alarm (/ALM), positioning completion (IN-POS), return-to-origin end status (ORG-S)
External communications RS-232C 1CH
Support software for PC TS-Manager
General specifications
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C
Storage temperature -10°C to 65°C
Operating humidity 35% to 85%RH (non-condensing)
Storage humidity 10% to 85%RH (non-condensing)
Atmosphere Indoor location not exposed to direct sunlight.
No corrosive, flammable gases, oil mist, or dust particles
Anti-vibration All XYZ directions 10 to 57Hz unidirectional amplitude 0.075mm 57 to 150Hz 9.8m/s2
Protective functions Position detection error, overheat, overload, overvoltage,
low voltage, position deviation, control power voltage drop,
overcurrent, motor current error, CPU error, motor line disconnection, command speed over, pulse frequency over

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