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“YK-XEC”series, which is the clean type of the cost performance SCARA robot “YK-XE” series.


YK-XEC TypeClean SCARA robots

The clean type "YK-XEC" series, ideal for automation work in clean rooms, has been added to the "YK-XE" series SCARA robots, which combine high operational performance and cost performance.
Main specifications maintain the same performance as "YK-XE".
Ideal for productivity improvement and labor saving in semiconductors, hard disk drives, food products, medical equipment, etc.

  • Arm length
    400 to 710mm
  • Intake air
    55 to 60Nℓ/min
  • Degree of cleanliness
    ISO CLASS 4(ISO14644-1)
  • Maximum payload
    4 to 10kg


01Balancing ISO CLASS 4 cleanliness and low cost.

We have achieved affordability even with clean models. Arm length options are available, mirroring the YK-XE series with 4models to choose from.

02Improvement of productivity by high-speed operation

By reviewing the arm structure, the vibration is reduced and the motion is optimized to shorten the standard cycle time.
High-speed, less-vibration, and agile operation contributes to improvement of the productivity.

Standard cycle time 0.42sec For YK510XEC
Reduced by approx. 20%

03Compact Design

We have downsized the overall height by up to 110mm compared to our existing models with the same arm length. This allows for a reduction in equipment size, making it usable even in environments with height restrictions that posed installation challenges for previous models.

Reduced by approx. 110mm

04Easier operation in combination with the RCX340 controller

By combining it with the versatile controller RCX340, it can accommodate a wide range of applications. Utilizing the integrated robot vision system 'RCXiVY2+', image processing capabilities can be easily added, allowing for the creation of advanced production facilities. Additionally, comprehensive control support tools such as support software and programming boxes are available.

05Compatible with various field networks

The robot is compatible with full field networks such as CC-Link, EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and EtherCAT.

06Simple and Easy integration of Vision System

Both the robot, the vision unit, and the lighting can all be controlled collectively with a single controller.

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