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Long-term Vision / Medium-term Management Plan

Long-term Vision and Medium-term Management Plan can be viewed from here

New Medium-Term Management Plan

Based on our Corporate Mission to be a Kando* Creating Company, we are working to promote growth strategies and to reinforce our management foundations toward achieving our Long-Term Vision for 2030 of ”ART for Human Possibilities: Let’s strive for greater happiness.” In addition to these, we will step up our efforts for sustainability in the new Medium-Term Management Plan that starts in 2022. To that end, the basic policies of the new plan are to strengthen the earning power of our core businesses, invest in new and growing businesses contributing to a more sustainable world, and accelerate digital initiatives and co-creation to boost our growth potential, and thereby raise our corporate value.
*Kando is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value.

■ Non-Financial Indicators toward 2024

Contributing to a More Sustainable World

To reduce the CO2 emissions produced by company operations, we will deploy energy-saving and renewable energy equipment in more than 10 countries and begin using carbon-free electricity at businesses sites in Japan this year. For reducing CO2 emissions produced by product use, etc., we will accelerate the move to electrification as well as conduct development for compatibility with a variety of powertrains. Furthermore, we will establish an environmental technology investment fund to expedite the exploration of new technologies and business models.

Connecting with People and Thriving as a Company

We will not only bolster the safety riding support features on our products but also expand the activities and level of support for riding skill improvement to deliver greater safety and peace of mind to users. Further, we are promoting our digital transformation (DX) strategy to create lifetime Yamaha fans by building new connections with customers worldwide. And for our human resources strategy, we will make employee engagement an important indicator and promote diversity and inclusion as well as human resource development.

*1: Yamaha Riding Academy participants (three-year cumulative)

■ Business Portfolio and Business Strategy

In the new Medium-Term Management Plan, we have clarified the positioning of our businesses based on sales growth rate and return on invested capital (ROIC) to manage our business portfolio and appropriately allocate management resources. We have designated “new” and “growth” businesses under “strategic business fields” and will actively distribute management resources to them in order to develop them into future core businesses.

*1: Including surface mounters, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, industrial robots, and industrial-use unmanned helicopters
*2: ROS is calculated using figures that do not include corporate expenses

■ Financial Indicators toward 2024

As we allocate 480 billion yen in resources to building business foundations and our core and strategic businesses, we will set a target total payout ratio of 40% (cumulative period of the new Medium-Term Management Plan) for shareholder returns, including share buybacks. For shareholder returns, our basic policy will be to emphasize making consistent and ongoing dividend payments while taking into consideration the outlook for business performance and investments for future growth, distributing returns to shareholders in a flexible way based on the scale of our cash flows.

*1: Average compound annual growth rate for 2021-2024 *2: ROA is calculated based on operating income

Please look forward to our continued growth in the future. For details, please refer to the following materials.

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