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Mobility Service Business


Mobility Service Business


By providing innovative mobility solutions we are committed to solving social issues, creating job opportunities and improving people’s quality of life in developing countries.


We will promote the improvement of the mobility service environment by developing an ecosystem capable of thriving together with professional drivers, vehicle maintenance providers, and mobility-related startup companies.

  • Form partnerships with promising Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platforms
  • Build unique business models that align with the characteristics of each market.


MSB aims to “create employment opportunities” and “improve quality of life” in developing countries through business activities based on Yamaha's sustainability policy.

About Us

MSB is engaged in the business of utilizing mobility for services such as the transportation of people and products. It aims to simultaneously generate profits and contribute to society by providing a new business model that leverages Yamaha Motor’s extensive mobility-related know-how to people in developing countries who, for economic reasons, have not been reached by Yamaha Motor's conventional services (development, manufacturing, and sales). The main activities are asset management business and last-mile delivery business.

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MSB Head Office

〒438-8501 2500 Shingai,Iwata,Shizuoka,Japan

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