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System Requirements

Support tools for this site

Please find below the computer environment and plug-ins recommend for the Yamaha Motor Web sites (,,,,,,,,,,,,; hereafter referred to as our Web sites).
Please be aware that viewing our sites with an environment other than that recommended below may result in functioning irregularities.

Last Update: August 8, 2016

Recommended Environment

To browse our website comfortably, the following environment is recommended. If used in another environment, some restrictions may occur in part of the functions, although you can check the information posted. In addition, with respect to the access from the devices like game machines except PCs, please make sure that neither the normal movement nor normal display of our website is guaranteed.

Standard support browser - PC
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11※It is assumed that you browse in a normal condition without using a compatibility display.
Google Chrome latest version/Fire Fox latest version
Standard support browser - Smartphone(Smartphone corresponding page only)
Android 4.4 or later |Google Chrome latest version
iOS 9 or later |Safari latest version
If JavaScript has been disabled in your browser settings, the site may not function or display its contents properly. Please change your browser settings to enable JavaScript in order to gain full access to our web contents.
To provide a better viewing environment for all our visitors, we use cookies on some of our web pages, including the questionnaire page. If your browser's security settings are set to reject cookies, there is a possibility that the site may not function properly.


It is necessary to install the latest version of the following plug-ins to view some contents of our website.

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