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Electric Motors

Prototype Development to Meet Your Needs

We are accepting orders for developing prototype electric motors featuring industry-leading output density for use in automobiles and other vehicles.

Yamaha Motor is working to create electric motors that are compact, high-output and stir the senses by leveraging our technology and expertise in casting, machining, the use of high-efficiency segment conductors and more, all garnered through our engine development efforts to date.

With our experience in pioneering new businesses and markets chiefly in personal mobility as well as using our proprietary manufacturing technologies boasting the flexibility to cover a diverse product portfolio, we can develop prototypes not only in line with your company needs, but also in a short timeframe.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for consultations, cost estimates and any questions you may have regarding the development of prototype electric motors.

*Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries unrelated to prototype electric motor development.

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