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Yamaha Motor Craftsmanship

At Yamaha Motor’s manufacturing and production sites,
we revel in the challenge to create ever more beautiful and higher quality products
as well as relish the search for real improvements and greater advances.

We value our workplace culture that blends tradition with innovation,
and see that our hard-won skills and proven technologies are handed down to the next generation.

Underpinning it all is our unwavering dedication to our craftsmanship.
In an illogical yet invaluable approach unique to Yamaha,
we add on extra touches in each stage of the production process,
thereby building the pride and special sense of each specialist into our work.

Delivering the best product possible to our customers is at the heart of everything we do.

Making that Extra Effort

The Extra Steps Producing Uniquely Yamaha Value

The aesthetic ideals and sense of the Yamaha brand and
the pride in our craft drive the finely honed skills and
techniques behind the extra steps we take when building our products.
That extra effort to always go a step further is what constitutes
Yamaha Motor Craftsmanship.

Making that Extra Effort


New Methods

The Innovative Production Technologies Introduced with the New MT-09

Our workplace culture actively encourages taking on challenges to make improvements and achieve advances.
This in turn gives rise to new production methods and processes that become fixtures of our Monozukuri worksites.

New Methods

Yamaha Motor Craftsmanship+

Putting Our Hands to a Different Kind of Monozukuri


Our Monozukuri Culture

The Source of
Yamaha Motor Craftsmanship

Monozukuri is an expression of skill, technique and spirit,
and it is the foundation from which Yamaha Motor Craftsmanship
continues to be passed on to future generations.

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