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Yamaha Motor Craftsmanship+

Putting Our Hands to
a Different Kind of

Yamaha Motor’s manufacturing and production technologies can be found not just in our own products but also in a variety of other industries and fields.

Miniature SR400 Fuel Tank

A Scaled-Down Show of Respect for a Legendary Long Seller

An example of this is the many days that were devoted to creating a precise 1/6-scale miniature replica of the iconic SR400’s fuel tank. This project not only renewed the team’s appreciation for the iconic SR400 but also became a pleasant pursuit to rediscover and reevaluate the machine’s place in history.

YA-1 Fender Ornament

Casting Brass from Our Past Using Technology from the Present

Adorning the front fender of the 125cc YA-1—Yamaha Motor’s first motorcycle—was a handsome brass ornament shaped like a tuning fork. The craftsmen at our prototyping factory created a special limited reproduction of this piece of our history.

Blue Bottle Coffee
– Dripper Inspection Tool

Collaborative Craftsmanship for Micron-Precise Flavor

Though most patrons will not give it too much thought, the construction and shape of this dripper for Blue Bottle Coffee is the result of a dutiful application of the laws of physics.

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