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Corporate Profile Video

A general video introduction of Yamaha Motor

Corporate Profile Video (Tomorrow)This video introduces the kind of things Yamaha Motor values and hopes to create someday in the future.

The various forms of personal mobility that appear in this video are products of our imagination,
and are things that we hope we can create someday in the future.

Some of these vehicles and items try to stimulate emotions like never before,
some bring shape and form to things that are still wild ideas,
and others seek to bring more fulfillment to people’s daily lives.

No matter how much technology advances,
the core hopes and dreams we have will never change.

In ten years, fifty years or perhaps one-hundred years,
the world presented in this video may become our reality.

Fictional Products Appearing in the Video

Corporate Profile Video (Today)This video introduces Yamaha Motor’s history, product lines, corporate activities and more.

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