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Field-Born — A Series of Short SDG Documentaries
Taking Sure Steps to Solving Issues Big and Small

Vol. 3 Sharing the Sea’s Blessings
It has been ten years since the mammoth tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 and brought untold devastation to the country’s northeastern coastline. At Hideshima’s fishing port in Iwate Prefecture, a solitary scallop boat, the Ryushomaru, sits proudly in the water. Its captain, Masahiko Taiko, explains how he wants to communicate the allure of the sea and fishery to future generations and for more people to learn of its many wonders, not just from the delicious scallops his boat harvests but the many other hopes and dreams for the future the craft carries onboard.
Nurturing Forests Rich in Sound
Vol. 2 Nurturing Forests Rich in Sound
The vast forests of Kitami on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido once constituted a rich natural resource. Seeking to keep Yamaha’s instruments and the music they make around 100 years from now, a member of Yamaha Corporation’s Material Procurement Group walks the forest floor, conducting surveys of the trees. But he has long wondered if there really are no other methods for analyzing large swaths of forest. Today, an industrial-use unmanned helicopter flies above the canopy in Kitami’s skies, rapidly mapping the forest with an onboard laser device.
Mobility Bringing People Together
Vol. 1 Mobility Bringing People Together
Around half of the residents of the Tomonoura district of Fukuyama in Hiroshima Prefecture are now senior citizens. Here, the small electric carts of Yamaha’s Green Slow Mobility project slowly carry both elderly locals and visiting tourists up and down its narrow and often-steep streets. Wanting to make getting around easier for people in his hometown, the leader of a local taxi company closely engages with the community to help provide a first- and last-mile solution.
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