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Vol. 8 Yellow Bike Taxis on Nigerian Streets

Creating jobs for young Nigerians with a new business model

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, but the lack of employment opportunities for young people has become a serious societal issue for the country. In order to provide such opportunities to younger generations and build a better Nigeria today and tomorrow, the goal of one company’s business model is to create jobs for young people, and its yellow motorcycle taxis now ply the streets of the country.

There are over five million people working nationwide as bike taxi operators in Nigeria, and the job provides a livelihood for many of them. However, it is still difficult for young people to secure a loan to purchase a motorcycle, so providing them with one to use as a bike taxi while paying it off bit by bit offers these people real opportunity and motivation to work and earn a living. Their yellow Yamahas can be seen around the city hard at work, their partners for earning wages to live on.

Providing training on defensive riding and motorcycle maintenance is also all a part of helping operators secure a sustainable job and a steady income. All that’s needed is opportunity and belief in Africa’s potential, to let people’s God-given talent lead them to success at whatever it is they seek.

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