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Jin-Ki Kanno

Introducing Yamaha Motor‘s development ideal and the stories behind technologies

Jin-Ki Kanno

At Yamaha Motor, we have a long-standing
exclusive development ideal called Jin-Ki Kanno.

Technology born from Jin-Ki Kanno seeks to deliver users the seductive exhilaration felt when they truly become one with their machine.

Quantifying and fine-tuning this kind of exciting performance, which we call Kanno Seino, and then building it into our products is a solid part of our Yamaha Monozukuri framework, and this development style permeates all of our workplaces.

Definition of Jin-Ki Kanno The seductive exhilaration felt when one with the machine that is shared as a
baseline when quantifying and integrating it into a Yamaha’s performance.

Jin-Ki Kanno Lead-up to Establishment

Jin-Ki Kanno Following Establishment (Tokyo Motor Show Announcements and Displays)

Jin-Ki Kanno
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