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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart

Mobility Service Business


Introduction of our approach to the JICA Internship Program for International Students.

Benefits gained through the internship program

1. Basic knowledge of Yamaha Motor's history and business.

2. Knowledge of MSB business.

3. Gain work experience in a Japanese company while utilizing your own expertise.

Comment from past interns

"I was able to gain knowledge about various mobility business models, methods for conducting market research, analyzing market trends, and formulating Go-to-Market strategies."
- A.E., 23-year long-term intern.

"Before presenting my final presentation, I was able to learn about the types of questions that would be asked regarding the business idea."
- A.R., 23-year long-term intern

"I was able to experience the workplace culture. At Yamaha Motor, a renowned company in the industry."
- J.K., 23-year short-term intern.

"MSB internship provided me with valuable networking opportunities."
- B.M., 24-year short-term intern.

About MSB Internship Program

Onboarding Period:
Introduction to Yamaha Motor and MSB, factory tours and visits to mobility-related events.

OJT (On-the-Job Training) Period:
Carry out research on assigned tasks under the guidance of supervisors, followed by a presentation of results on the final day.

Types of MSB Internships

Summer Short-Term Internship:
Approximately 1-2 weeks during July and August.
<Procedures> On-line program
After about 2 days of basic training, participants will conduct research and make presentations under the guidance of their supervisors.
Long-term internship upon graduation:
Maximum duration 3 months, 3 times per year
<Procedures> (In principle) Off-line program
After about 2.5 weeks of basic training (factory tours, business briefings, foreign employee exchange meetings, participation in mobility-related events, etc. are planned), the remaining 7.5 weeks will be spent on individual work and presentation of research projects in accordance with the students' expertise under the guidance of the program supervisor.


MSB Head Office

〒438-8501 2500 Shingai,Iwata,Shizuoka,Japan

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