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Mobility Service Business


Frequently Asked Questions

About the MSB business


What does MSB mean? Is it an abbreviation?
Acronym for Mobility Service Business. It refers to “business activities that bring benefits (utility) to society and people's lives through the use of various mobility services.”


What exactly does the MSB business do?
We are working on asset management business and last-mile delivery business in developing countries such as India and African countries.


What are the objectives of the MSB ?
In developing countries such as India, African countries, Asia, and Latin America, there are many people who cannot afford to own a motorcycle, car, or other forms of mobility vehicles. Meanwhile, there are many people who want to use mobility as a means of earning an income by working as professional drivers in the human transportation (e.g., cabs) or delivery (e.g., last-mile delivery) industries. Therefore, MSB aims to contribute to improving the quality of life (QOL) and employment of people living in developing countries by first providing work opportunities by lending mobility vehicles at a low cost in cooperation with local operators involved in such transport and delivery. The users then pay for the use of mobility vehicles from the income earned from this.


What are the quantitative goals for the MSB business?
Specific figures (actual results, targets, etc.) are not disclosed.


What are the current markets (countries) in which the MSB business is currently operating?
India, Uganda, Nigeria and Tanzania. (As of 2024/5).


What countries or regions do you plan to expand your MSB business?
The MSB business plans to expand into various developing countries and regions.


What are the characteristics of the MSB business?
Yamaha Motor has a history of about 70 years as a mobility manufacturer, and the expertise it has accumulated in the operation and maintenance of mobility vehicles and in the financing business will be utilized in the MSB business.The mobility products handled by the MSB business are not limited to Yamaha Motor products, but also include products from other manufacturers. By utilizing IT for asset management and last-mile delivery, we are more efficiently acquiring business profits and developing unique service models.


When did the MSB start ?
The MSB business started in 2021. We are currently conducting business activities and demonstrations in several developing markets.

Internship activities of the MSB


How many internship opportunities do you have per year?
MSB collaborates primarily with the JICA internship program. This program offers up to three times per year, depending on when the international students graduate. Short-term internships are offered several times during the summer (July or August).


How long is the MSB’s internship period?
Post-graduation internships are approximately 10 weeks(3-month), and summer internships are approximately 1week.


Is it possible to do a 6-month duration internship?
MSB limits long internships to three months (As of 2024/5)


Where are MSB internships held?
Yamaha Motor’s head office (Iwata, Shizuoka, Japan). (As of 2024/5)


Are MSB internships online or on-site?
As a rule, post-graduation internships are carried out on-site. However, there is a possibility of switching to online due to changes in the social environment caused by the spread of infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus. Summer internships are conducted online.


In which language are conducted MSB’s internship?
As a rule, internships are conducted in English. The intern management office and specialized theme instructors are composed of staff who can speak English.


What level of Japanese conversational ability is required to participate in MSB internship program?
Although conversational Japanese language ability is not a requirement for participation in the internship, those with high Japanese language skills will benefit from smooth interaction with various Yamaha Motor personnel during the internship period.


How many interns does MSB accept at one time ? Is there a limit to the number of people?
The number of interns will depend on the conditions of the environment in which they will be accepted. In the case of an online event, the number of interns will be approximately 6.


How will the post-graduation internship proceed?
The post-graduation internship will take approximately 10 weeks with the first 2.5 weeks focused on learning about the company and its business foundations and the remaining 7.5 weeks being theme-specific OJT (On the Job training).


Is participation in MSB summer internship a condition for participation in the post-graduation internship at?
Summer internship participation is not a requirement for post-graduation internship participation. However, the participation in MSB summer internship may be take into consideration during the selecting process for the post-graduation internship.


Are there any restrictions on nationality, expertise, or other requirements to participate in MSB's internship program?
MSB accepts students who have the potential to work and play an active role in MSB business in the future. Preference is given to candidates from countries and areas in South Asia, ASEAN, African countries and Latin America. In terms of expertise, we are also looking for people in fields such as finance, business development and IT.


How many students have you accepted as interns in the MSB so far?
To date, approximately 40 have been accepted . (As of 2024/5).


Can I work for Yamaha Motor after participating in the MSB internship?
Interns participating in our program will be evaluated based on their performance during the internship period and their final report related to the research topic. If the interns wish to work for the MSB, we will engage in discussions to determine whether an employment offer will be extended upon completion of the internship. Following the assessment, we will extend offers to those who are keen on joining MSB. Subsequently, negotiations regarding working conditions will take place. If both parties reach an agreement and the candidate meets our hiring criteria, they will be offered a position.


What type of contract will be available after participating in the MSB internship program? (Is there a possibility of being hired as a full-time employee?)
As a rule, employment will be as a full-time (permanent employee) employee or contract employee (fixed-term employment contract for a maximum of three years). In the case of full-time employee, the candidate must satisfy the recruitment criteria set by our human resources division and pass the recruitment screening by our human resources division. Please refer to the recruitment page on the Yamaha Motor website for the conditions of employment.


Does participating in an MSB internship give me an advantage for working at Yamaha Motor?
A background of internship participation in the MSB is not a decisive advantage in the process of hiring a full-time employee to work at Yamaha Motor.


Has anyone been employed by Yamaha Motor (or MSB business) after participating in the MSB internship program?
There are several people. Some work in the MSB at Yamaha Motor's headquarters and others work in the MSB's overseas subsidiaries. (As of 2024/5)


I would like to participate in an internship with the MSB. How can I do this?
If you are a student participating in the JICA program please contact JICE; if you are not a JICA student, please contact the employment department of your school.


Do I have to be a foreign student to participate in the MSB internship program?
MSB offers internship programs for foreign students in the areas where we plan to develop our business.

MSB Head Office

〒438-8501 2500 Shingai,Iwata,Shizuoka,Japan

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