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Industrial robots

Case Examples Handbook

We interviewed the customers who had in fact installed YAMAHA robots. You can find tips that may provide solutions to your problem.

Use of vision feeder eliminates setup work! Workpiece jamming no longer occurs!

Workpiece supply setup work needs to be made easy.

Example in a Electronic Component ManufacturerTheme: Multiple models are supported.

The number of drive devices and sensors that caused short breakdown times is minimized.

Short breakdown times occur frequently and workers need to stay with the equipment.

Example in Automotive PartsTheme: Improvement of Operating Ratio

Use of LCMR200 traversing unit makes it possible to perform the inspection on the line.

Production quantity needs to be increased with quality problems resolved.

Example in Electronic Component IndustryQuality improvement/Increase in production volume

YK-TW can be stored inside the equipment and downsizing is achieved.

Equipment needs to be made compact even with large pallets.

Example in equipment SIerDownsizing

Cycle time reduction even with long stroke

Long stroke transfer needs to be performed with single-axis robot.

Dedicated machine manufacturerSpeed-up

We want to stably produce high-quality products while saving labor.

Labor saving and traceability are achieved by a SCARA robot.

Mold Product ManufacturerQuality improvement

Since the time to solve the problem issues is reduced, that provides more time for production.

Production lines that enable easy maintenance need to be built.

Processed vehicle parts manufacturerMaintainability improvement

4 workers that were needed for the label adhesion process are reduced to 0 workers!

We want to stabilize the operation of production lines where it is difficult to secure workers

Processed Meat Product ManufacturerLabor-savings

Process that has required 8 workers conventionally is now operated by 1 worker!

The number of workers who pack baked sweets into boxes needs to be reduced

Sweets ManufacturerLabor-saving

Setup time is almost zero!

Manufacturing products of multiple models in small lots without lowering the operating ratio

Small Motor IndustrySetup time reduction

The production volume is increased by approx. 23%.

Increasing productivity per line for cost reduction.

Automotive IndustryTact improvement

Shorten takt time by 2 seconds!

Selection of linear conveyors that defy conventional wisdom for lines.

Electronics devices assemblerImprove productivity.

Challenge to width as narrow as "500 mm"

What makes it possible to lay out plural processes in a narrow width?

Electronics parts manufacturerNarrow width

Reduce setup time by 80%.

Why does it take surprisingly short time to build up a robot vision system?

Electronics devices manufacturerImprove efficiency of facilities and equipment.

Shorten equipment startup time to half!

A brand new idea that replaces index tables

Electronics device manufacturerImprove efficiency of facilities and equipment.

We need both! – coating accuracy and speed increase.

What does a sealing process go for to improve productivity?

Electronics devices manufacturerImprove efficiency of facilities and equipment.

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