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Production line needs to be operated stably in severe environments at a room temperature of 4˚C.

4 workers that were needed for the label adhesion process are reduced to 0 workers!

Example of a Processed Meat Product Manufacturer Target: Labor-savings

Workers are difficult to get. Labor-saving needs to be achieved in the production line at a room temperature of 4°C.

Background of target

  • Expiration labels are adhered to processed meat products immediately after thawing.
  • Room temperature is 4°C to maintain the quality.
  • Replacement workers are needed because the environment is very severe.
    (2 workers + 2 replacement workers = 4 workers in total)

With conventional system…

Workers are difficult to be secured and there are concerns about stable supply.

  • Workers are difficult to get and hard to settle because the environment is very severe.
  • Number of workers needs to be adjusted depending on their skills.
  • Even though the parallel link robot was investigated, its size was an issue.

Solved by a combination of an orbit type SCARA robot & a vision system.

Yamaha's answer to the user's needs.

  • Vision system recognizes the product packages that flow on the conveyor and detects the label adhesion positions.
  • Orbit type SCARA robot YK-TW with less dead spaces in the movement range adheres the label to the specified position.

4 workers that were needed for the label adhesion process are reduced to 0 workers!
Equipment can be made in a compact layout and increasing lines and modifying the layout is also easier.

<Improvement effect>

  • Labor-saving is achieved as the robot adheres the expiration labels.
  • Space saving of the production line is achieved by the YK-TW.
  • Conventionally, workers per line needed to be adjusted according to the number of workers and their skills. Now, this problem has also been eliminated due to the labor-savings by the robot.

Labor-savings and stable operation of the production line are achieved.
Increasing the number of lines is also planned for future improvements.

Processed meat product manufacturer
People in charge of production engineering

As labor shortage in severe environments is solved and space saving is achieved, increasing the number of lines is also planned.

At our company, it is necessary to work in very severe environments at a room temperature of 4°C to maintain the product quality, and the problem was that the workers did not settle because of the harsh conditions. Therefore, it was investigated to introduce equipment using a robot.

However, a parallel link robot we investigated first was large and heavy, and we understood that the equipment needs to be secured by anchors.
Because the equipment is large and needs to be secured by anchors, the factory layout is difficult to change. Therefore, we felt that labor-savings was difficult.

In this situation, we consulted with a trading company and were told that YAMAHA provides ceiling-suspended orbit type SCARA robots "YK-TW".
After some research, we found that "YK-TW" is compact and lightweight and thought that it can be used without anchors. Therefore, we asked the trading company to start investigating it.

We have never used a robot before, but when we consulted with YAMAHA, they were very helpful to get involved in the preliminary evaluation using the actual robot.
We were able to check in advance about the availability of anchors and processing capacity, and found that our problem could be solved.
Thanks to this help, we could significantly lower the hurdle for introducing the robot and the internal approval process was promoted smoothly.

Recently, with the increase in demand for chilled products and frozen foods, it has become necessary to increase the production capacity. However, thanks to the compact equipment and no need for anchors, the layout can be changed easily. So, the plan to increase production lines is also proceeding smoothly.

We are very happy to have introduced YAMAHA's "YK-TW" robot.

Functional description and merit of YK-TW

Here’s a solution that gets rid of this issue.


Orbit type SCARA robots YK-TW

Resolves the shortcomings of previous SCARA and parallel-link robots. Offers both superior positioning accuracy and high speed. YAMAHA'S Next-Generation SCARA Robot: The YK-TW Omnidirectional Type.

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