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Industrial robots


Single-axis robots GX series

Highly efficient, highly accurate ground ball screws are a standard feature for all types and models. The high precision models proudly with high reliability and durability.


Single-axis robots GX series

Ground ball screws as a standard feature.
All models comply with JIS Standard accuracy class C5.

  • Positioning accuracy repeatability:
  • Stroke range:
    50 mm to 1,450 mm
  • Maximum carrying capacity:


01All models equipped with ground ball screws

All product models employ highly efficient, highly accurate ground ball screws as the standard features.
The lead accuracy complies with JIS accuracy class C5 that brings about the positioning accuracy repeatability of ±5 µm. The accuracy is about two times better than the previous.
This highly accurate positioning accuracy repeatability improves yield, too.
In addition, the unit is quieter with a longer service life.

02Shortest overall length in the industry

The overall length with reference to the stroke is the shortest in the industry.
This significantly contributes to saving production facility footprints.

03Made to the clean specification as a standard feature

The top face on the main body of all models is lined with dustproof, excellently durable stainless steel sheet. The arrangement suppresses foreign matter contamination from outside.
Yet another standard feature suction tap only needs piping joint for drawing air to be used in a clean environment.

04Easy to alter specifications

The "Forget it now, think it later" concept significantly decreases man-hours for design check.

  • Attaching angle unit
    Attach a developed angle unit to a standard motor. This enables left and right motor to change directions while making the units layout high density.
  • Changing the location of robot cable pullout
    The direction of cable pullout can be changed to customer's specification.

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