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Feature 2: Minimizing Cost : Universal Controller YHX series

All labor, time and space cost minimization such as space efficiency in control panel, significant reduction of wiring man-hour, cost down of parts expenses can be planned.


Minimizing labor and control space

System operation restricted to the labor cost of installation and setup. YHX controller provides more choices and options.

Stacking modular structure

No wiring between modules needed.

Wrapping up a control power supply, motor drive power supply, high speed network communication, safety circuit into a stacking structure overwhelmingly saves the electrical wiring. This eliminates wiring between units, reducing conventional wiring cost and wiring man-hour to 30% to 50%. The stacking structure including host, power and driver is the very first in the industry.

Space efficiency in control panel

One stop solution to problems with control panels

The remote IO unit wiring convenience

Reducing actual wiring lengths and simplifying wiring work

The remote IO unit controls the input and output of parallel IO. When having to lay out many wirings for pneumatic valves, sensors and switches, install a remote IO unit with the single dedicated YQLink cable near these devices. You can reduce actual wiring lengths.

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