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Industrial robots

Host controller unit : YHX Controller

This unit drives robots. Use cables to connect with robots.


The customer assembles the necessary number of driver units between the host controller unit and driver power unit to use them.

Order model

※1. CC-Link is a registered trade mark of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
※2. PROFINET is a registered trade mark of PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO).
※3. EtherNet/IP is a registered trade mark of ODVA, Inc.
※4. EtherCAT is a patented technology and a registered trademark licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH (Germany).

YHX-A10-SET / YHX-A30-SET Configuration parts

Control unitThis unit drives robots.

Control unit 10A/30A

This unit drives robots. Use cables to connect with robots.
The unit is connected to the left of the control unit.

10A Specifications Model YHX-A10
Parts No. KEK-M5800-0A
30A Specifications Model YHX-A30
Parts No. KEK-M5800-1A
1 STATUS Blue lamp lit: Servo ON
Blue lamp flashing: Servo OFF and ready for operation
Blue/Red flashing in an alternate fashion: Servo OFF and not yet ready for operation
Red flashing: Error
2 ENC.B Linear scale sensor cable connection connector dedicated for circulation unit
3 ENC.A ・Connector for connecting robot cable (encoder cable)
4 STOP Use this to build up a circuit to shut off the power to a motor.
When not used, connect with the “STOP short circuit connector”
5 MOTOR Connector for connecting robot cable (power line)
· Output U/V/W current output, Brake output
6 Connector for connecting a fan Fan unit connector *
7 BATT connector ABS battery connector
8 Power supply output for brake Brake unit connector
9 Power supply input for holding braking effort External power supply connector for brake unit or brake
10 Connector for connection between units (control signal/Power)
11 Connector for connection between units (high voltage power source for driving motors)

Stop short circuit connector


Used when it is not necessary to shut off the power supply to each driver unit separately.

Parts No. KEK-M5869-00

Fan unit (30A specifications only)


Cools down a driver unit.
Attached at the bottom of a driver unit to send wind to heat sinks.
A driver unit made to the 30 A specification is shipped out with a fan unit.

Parts No. KEK-M6195-00

Selection options

ABS battery

D. PowerABS battery
Parts No. KEK-M53G0-00

Brake unit


A unit for releasing braking effort of the robot* with a brake.
Enables robot brake control without an external electrical wiring.
Installed at the bottom of a driver unit.

* Unable to release the braking effort of a robot with a brake if a brake unit is not available or if a 24V DC power supply is not connected.

Parts No. KEK-M5317-00

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