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Industrial robots


Options: YHX Controller

With flexible scalability and connectivity, the system is able to meet the high performance demands of customers, including support for large-scale systems and improved facility efficiency.


Programming pad (cable set)

Order model:YHX-PP6L(KEK-M5110-0B)

Use the touch panel screen for various operation.
Equipped with safety functions (emergency stop button and enable switch) and a USB connector.

Programming pad
Model YHX-PP
Parts No. KEK-M5110-0A

Programming pad cable


Used when connecting a programming pad.

6m Model YHX-PP-6M
Parts No. KEK-M5362-61

Regenerative unit set

Absorbs regenerative energy generated during decelerating a robot with a large motor.
Connecting two increases the capacity to absorb regenerative energy to two times.

Absorbable electric power 100 W (Equivalent to RGU 3)
* 200 W when 2 are connected
Momentary maximum power 1600W
Number of connected units Maximum 2 units
Other Forced cooling and exhaust by fan
Overheat detection for protection

Regenerative unit

Order model:YHX-RU1(KEK-M4107-0A)

Model YHX-RU
Parts No. KEK-M5850-0A

Regenerative unit connection cable

D. PowerRegenerative unit

Used when connecting a regenerative unit.

0.5m Model YHX-RU-50C
Parts No. KEK-M5363-00

Regenerative unit

Order model:YHX-RU2(KEK-M4107-0B)

Model YHX-RU
Parts No. KEK-M5850-0A

Regenerative unit expansion cable

Regenerative unit

Used when adding a regenerative unit.

0.3m Model YHX-RU-EX30C
Parts No. KEK-M5364-00

YQLink expansion unit set

Order model:YHX-YQL-SET(KEK-M4406-0B)

This unit cancels the physical restrictions of the universal controller for its expansion.

YQLink expansion unit

Parts No. KEK-M4406-0A
1 STATUS Blue: 24V DC power supply available Red: Error
2 YQLink Connect with YQLink communications connector (input) driver power unit.
3 SAFETY Connect with external PLC, safety devices and the like.
4 Connector for connection between units (control signal/Power)

Safety connector


Used for building up an external safety circuit while connecting with the safety dedicated port of a host controller.

Parts No. KEK-M4432-00

Other options

Battery holder box

Order model:YHX-BATT-HLD

D Power

Used to store the ABS batteries.
Up to eight batteries can be stored.

Parts No. KEK-M53G7-00

Battery holder connection cable

Order model:YHX-BATT-15C

D Power

Used when the battery holder box is connected.

Model YHX-BATT-15C
Parts No. KEK-M53G4-00

CC-Link terminating connector

Order model:YHX-CN-CCTM

Parts No. KEK-M4874-00

STOP connector

Order model:YHX-CN-STOIN


Used to shut off the drive power of each driver unit.

Parts No. KEK-M5869-10

Connector for brake power

Order model:YHX-CN-BU


Used when the brake power is supplied externally.
The driver is not needed when the brake power unit is used.

1m Model YHX-CN-BU
Parts No. KEK-M4427-00

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