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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart

Industrial robots

Feature 1: Universal Control System : Universal Controller YHX series

By configuring the manufacturing line itself as a robot system around YHX controller, total optimization of production facility becomes possible.


Universal Control System

“FA Universal Controller” that structure an automation production line Structure all robots and peripheral devices that support the Advanced Robotics Automation Platform with a common platform.
This enables to maximize the potential of production line.

Centralized and Integrated Control

The robot integration significantly reduces time-consuming work of automatization.

In addition to the robot control, various elements for automation such as communication among transport system control, peripheral I/O control, HMI and devices are integrated in one controller.

*1 It may be different depending on the system configuration.
*2 The orbit SCARA robots and vertical articulated robots are scheduled to be included into this system.

Integrating a high performance PLC functionReal time motion PLC

One single YHX controller enables universal control.

Completely commonizing units

With the YHX controller of completely shared unit, the whole production line can be controlled with one software.

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