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Industrial robots


Robot driver RDV-X / RDV-P

Introduces the robot driver RDV-X and RDV-P.


RDV-X / RDV-PDedicated pulse train control. Compact body and a low price.

  • Controllable robots :
  • Operating method :
    Pulse train
  • Input power :
    Main power 3-phase AC200V, Control power Single phase AC200V
  • Position detection :


01Dedicated pulse train control

The dedicated pulse train control has achieved a compact body and a low price.

02Position setting time reduced by 40%

The response frequency is enhanced about two times in comparison with former models. The position setting time of uniaxial robots is reduced by about 40%.Note 1

Note 1. With a 400W servomotor, 20mm ball screw lead, and portability of 40kg.

03Large cost reduction possible

It is easy to assemble them in automated machinery. You can save much labor in designing, parts selection, setting and more. A large cost reduction is possible.

04Contributing to saving space for the whole control board

The compact design has reduced the width up to a maximum of 38% in comparison with former models. In addition, the improvement of radiation efficiency makes it possible to arrange the devices with less space in between. Multiple units can be installed side by side in a neat arrangement.

05Easy replacement

The parameter settings and fastening-hole pitches are the same as those of former models. It is easy to replace the software and the hardware as well.

06Command input: Line driver (2 Mpps)

07Command output: ABZ-phase output (with a divider function)

08Real-time operation status monitoring

You can have analog outputs for speed, amperage, and more information to know the operation status in real time. RDV-Manager, the dedicated support software, is also available for a graphical view of the status.

09Main power: Single and three phases supported (200V)

The full-specification operation is available with a single- phase power supply.

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