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Single axis robot controller SR1-X/SR1-P

Introduces the single-axis robot controllers SR1-X and SR1-P.

For single-axis robot

SR1-X・SR1-PAlthough with one axis,functions of upper class controllers.

  • Controllable robots :
    SR1-X : FLIP-X, SR1-P : PHASER
  • Operating method :
    Program, Point trace, Remote command, Online command
  • Points :
    1000 points
  • Input power :
    AC100V / AC200V
  • Position detection :
    SR1-X Absolute / Incremental, SR1-P Incremental / Semi-absolute


01Diverse command methods

Select an optimal method from the different command methods including program operation, point trace, remote command, and on-line command. Program uses the YAMAHA SRC language resembling BASIC. Use it to execute a variety of operations ranging from simple tasks to I/O output and conditional branching, etc.

02I/O assignment function

Besides the usual program operation, changing the I/O assignment allows selecting operations such as point trace, point teaching, and trace operation by specifying coordinates. In point teaching mode Jog can be performed via the I/O so a host device can perform point teaching even without an HPB.

03Supports complete absolute specifications

The SR1-X supports complete absolute specifications. No origin point return is needed (backup period with no power supplied is 1 year).

04Current position output function

These controllers can output the position data as feedback pulses or binary data. This allows the host device to find the current robot position in real-time. These are also loaded with functions such as point zone output that outputs the zone or a point No. in its vicinity.

05Torque limiter

This function limits the maximum torque command value to an optional timing and so is effective in operations such as grip and press-fit. Besides using parameter data values for torque limiting, analog input voltages can also be used to limit the torque.

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