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Industrial robots

Single axis robot controller SR1-X/SR1-P

Introduces the single-axis robot controllers SR1-X and SR1-P.



01Position data output function

Zone output

Outputs whether the robot position is within the specified range or not.

Zone output

Point zone output

Outputs the number of the point near the robot position in the binary output.

Point zone output

Binary output

Outputs current robot position by 16bits binary. (This function is only available on the SR1)

Binary output

Feedback pulse output

Outputs the current position counter value of the robot through the A/B phase line driver.

Feedback pulse output

02Torque limiting drive

It is possible to perform such actions as pressing and gripping the work by restricting the torque during operation.

Torque limiting drive

03Changing movement data function

Possible to change the moving speed and programmed position while moving.

Changing movement data function

04Point instruction

It is possible to execute jog movement of the robot and point teaching from the upper level device.

Point instruction

05Handy YAMAHA SRC language functions(Multitask function)

This function enables to execute up to 4 tasks of peripheral equipment of the robot at the same time. With the multitask function combined with the JMPP command, it is possible to have I/O output when the specified point is passed during movement.

Handy YAMAHA SRC language functions(Multitask function)

06Handy YAMAHA SRC language functions (Function to make conditional stop during movement)

The arm can be decelerated and stopped, using I/O conditions of the MOVF command while it is moving. This function is useful when searching the target position with a sensor.

Handy YAMAHA SRC language functions (Function to make conditional stop during movement)

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