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Support software TS-Manager Features & Benefits

Features of TS-Manager, personal computer software dedicated to the TS series, are introduced.

01Basic functions

Detailed settings by point, such as the position information, operation pattern, speed, acceleration, and deceleration settings, and robot parameter settings can be set, edited, and backed up. Additionally, the basic operation of the robot, such as JOG movement or inching operation can also be controlled through the TS-Manager.

Basic functions
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02Real-time trace

This function traces the current position, speed, load factor, current value, and voltage value at real-time. Additionally, as trigger conditions are set, data can be automatically obtained when these conditions are satisfied. Furthermore, as a zone is specified from the monitor results, the maximum value, minimum value, and average value can be calculated. These values are useful for the analysis if a trouble occurs.

Real-time trace
Real-time traceable items (up to four items)
  • Voltage value
  • Command speed
  • Command current value
  • Input/output I/O status
  • Word input/output status *2
  • Commanded position
  • Current speed
  • Present current value
  • Input pulse count *1
  • Current position
  • Internal temperature
  • Motor load factor
  • Movement pulse count *1
Only on TS-SD
Only on TS controllers

03Various monitor functions and detailed error logs

The robot operation status (operation mode or servo status) and I/O status can be monitored. Additionally, the Alarm Log screen also displays the input/ output I/O status in addition to the carrier position, speed, operation status, current value, and voltage value in case of an alarm. This greatly contributes to the status analysis.

Various monitor functions and detailed error logs

04Operation simulation

As the operation condition data or point data is input, a period of time necessary for operation is simulated. Use of this function makes it possible to select an optimal model before purchase and simulate the speed and acceleration/ deceleration settings without use of actual machine. It is also possible to link this operation simulation function with the TS-Manager main software. This easily affects the point data you have edited in the actual machine.

Operation simulation
Displays the detailed simulation results graphically.

Displays the detailed simulation results graphically.

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