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Industrial robots


Single axis robots Robonity Advanced model Slider type AGXS

Single-axis robots feature high accuracy, high durability, and compliance with clean specifications as standard.


Advanced model Slider type AGXSHigh Precision Accuracy Class C5・High Durability・Clean room specification as a standard feature

Grinding ball screw is standard. High precision model with high reliability and durability.

  • Maximum payload :
    Up to 160kg
  • Maximum speed :
    300 to 2,400mm/sec
  • Stroke :
    50 to 1,450mm


01Shortest Overall Length

Shortest overall length per effective stroke in industry.

02High Precision

• Adopted ground ball screws Ball screw :
Accuracy class C5
• Positioning repeatability: +/-5 μm

03Cleanroom Ready Design

• Protective stainless dust shield
• Ports are ready for vacuum fittings

04Motor orientation is changeable with optional conversion unit

Choice of motor orientation (standard, right, or left).

Various data

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Telephone +81-53-525-8350 /
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