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Industrial robots

Member Site

YAMAHA Robot Member Site provides information you can utilize in the model selection or design phase when introducing industrial robots. Additionally, the contents necessary for the start-up or maintenance work are also prepared.


Cycle time simulation calculation

Use this when selecting models or calculating cycle time.

Cycle time simulation calculation

Robot life calculation

Use this when selecting models or calculating payload shape.

Robot life calculation


2D/3D CAD data download

Use this for production line design and device design, and to check the layout and operating range.
You can download 2D/3D CAD data for Yamaha robots and controllers.

2D CAD data download
3D CAD data download


Manual download

Since this describes not only operating methods and setting methods but also robot placement and examples of external wiring for the controller, it will be helpful for pre-setup work. Since component replacement methods are also described, this also is useful for maintenance in conjunction with the parts list.

Manual download


You have peace of mind even if a problem occurs.Even if the official version is not at hand, you can back up data or transfer data.




Part lists for Yamaha robots are available.
For some parts, this shows associated parts for which replacement is required or recommended; this is helpful for maintenance activity.

Privacy Policy

We, the Yamaha Motor Group, are fully aware of the importance of privacy protection and will continue to make every effort to abide by the rules of this privacy policy to ensure that the personal information acquired from our customers is managed properly and protected.

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