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UKCA Marking

Cautions regarding UKCA specifications

Model selection when using a Yamaha robot in the UK

If the Yamaha robot is to be used in England, Wales or Scotland among the United Kingdom, it must be compliant with the UKCA marking, and the robot should be CE type. CE type are compatible with both CE marking and UKCA marking.
If the product is to be used in Northern Ireland, it is necessary to comply with the CE marking.

About the UKCA Marking

Yamaha robots (robots and controllers) are components (embedded devices) that are incorporated into the customer's equipment, and are declared as "semi-finished products" in accordance with UK laws and regulations.
However, some controllers (RCX340/RCX320/EP-01) bear the UKCA mark to indicate compliance with electrical equipment (safety) regulations as standalone products.

Notes on compliance with UK legislation

Yamaha robots (robots and controllers) are not robot systems. The Yamaha robot series are components that are to be incorporated into the customer's equipment (embedded equipment), and to this extent we have made a declaration of incorporation to UK legislation. We cannot promise that the use of a Yamaha robot alone will result in the customer's equipment complying with UK legislation, but the combination of a semi-finished Yamaha robot with other appropriately designed and manufactured equipment and circuitry will result in the finished equipment complying with UK legislation. The customer must personally check the conformity of the equipment with the UK regulations before shipping it as a final product or using it in the UK.

Building an external safety circuit

When using a Yamaha robot to make your equipment compliant with UK laws and regulations, be sure to select a product (safety relay, etc.) that meets the performance level and safety category required for your equipment, and build an external safety circuit at your site. For circuit examples of external safety circuits, please refer to the instruction manual.

Compliance with EMC regulations

In order to comply with EMC regulations, please evaluate and take measures in the customer's final product (the entire equipment). Please refer to the instruction manual for examples of EMC measures for individual Yamaha robots.

Note on British Official Language Support

The only language used in this product's manuals, warning labels, operation screens, and embedded declarations is English, which is the official language of the United Kingdom.
When the warning text appears on the warning label, it may be written in Japanese or other languages in addition to English.

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