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RCXiVY2+ (RCX320 / RCX340) Specifications

Yamaha's own unique solution for integrated robot vision


Basic specifications

Robot vision basic specifications
Item RCXiVY2+ unit
Basic specifications Applicable controllers RCX340/RCX320
Number of screen pixels 728(H) × 544(V) (400,000 pixels)
1456(H) × 1088(V) (1,600,000 pixels)
2048(H) × 1536(V) (3,200,000 pixels)
2592(H) × 1944(V) (5,000,000 pixels) Note1
Model setting capacity 254 models
Number of connectable cameras 2 cameras
Connectable camera GigE camera PoE: IEEE802.3af 1 ch up to 7W
External interface Ethernet (1000BASE-T) Note2
USB 2.0 2Ch (Up to 5V 2.5W / ch) Note3
External monitor output DVI-I Note4
Monitor resolution: 1024 × 768
Vertical periodic frequency: 60 Hz
Horizontal periodic frequency: 48.4 kHz
Power supply 24 VDC +/-10%, Maximum 1.5 A
Dimensions W45 × H195 × D130 (RCXiVY2+ unit only)
Weight 0.8kg (RCXiVY2+ unit only, when the lighting control board option is selected)
Operating environment Compliant with the RCX340/RCX320 controller.
Storage environment Compliant with the RCX340/RCX320 controller.
Search method Edge search (correlated edge filter, sobel filter), Measurement function, Blob search
Image capturing Trigger mode S/W trigger, H/W trigger
External trigger input 2 points
Function Position detection, coordinate conversion, automatic point data generation, distortion and inclination correction
Camera installation position Fixed to the fixed camera (up, down) or robot (Y-axis, Z-axis).
Perpendicular to the workpiece to be captured.
Setting support function Calibration, image save function, model registration Note5, fiducial mark registration Note5,
measurement function registration Note5, blob registration Note5, monitor function Note5
Lighting control options Number of connectable lighting units Maximum 2
Modulated light format PWM modulated light control (0 to 100%), PWM frequency switchable 62.5 kHz/ 125 kHz
Continuous light, strobe light (follows camera exposure)
Lighting output 12VDC or 24VDC (external supply shared by both channels)
Lighting output For 12VDC supply: Total of less than 40W for both channels.
For 24VDC supply: Total of less than 80W for both channels.
Since the rolling shutter is used, the tracking is not supported.
For setting and monitor operations
It is planned to support this USB later.
Also usable with an analog monitor by using a conversion adaptor.
RCXiVY2+ Studio function (requires a Windows PC)
Tracking board basic Specifications
Item Tracking board
Basic specifi cations Applicable controllers RCX340/RCX320
Number of connected encoders Up to 2 units.
Encoder power supply 5VDC (2 counters total 500 mA or less) (Supplied from controller)
Applicable encoder 26LS31/26C31 or equivalent line driver (RS-422 compliance).
Input phase A, A, B, B, Z, Z
Max. response frequency 2MHz or less
Counter 0 to 65535
Multiplier 4x
Other With disconnection detection function

External view

RCX340 + RCXiVY2+

RCX340 + RCXiVY2+ External view

RCX320 + RCXiVY2+

RCX320 + RCXiVY2+ External view

Ordering method

Ordering method

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