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Linear Conveyor Module LCMR200

Yamaha’s answer to Next Generation of Production Line design


Basic specifications

Drive method Linear motor with moving magnet type core
Position Search Magnetic absolute position sensor
Maximum payload 30kg
Maximum speed 2,500mm/sec *1
Repeatability +/-5 μm
Mechanical tolerance between robot sliders +/-30 μm (Dowel hole standard)
Total stroke limit 25.5m *2
Maximum number of robot sliders 64 units *2
Minimum spacing between robot sliders 210mm *3
Main frame dimensions Max. external size of frame cross-section W175 × H109 mm (Including robot slider)
Linear module length 200 mm / 300 mm / 500 mm / 1000 mm
Robot slider length 198mm
Weight Linear module Approx 20 kg [Per 1 m of linear module]
Robot slider 2.4kg
Power supply Control power supply 48 VDC +5 %, -10 %, Max. 30 A *4
Motor power supply 48 VDC +/-10 %, Max. 30 A *5
Operating environment Operating temperature 0 ℃ to 40 ℃*6
Storage temperature -10 ℃ to 65 ℃
Operating humidity 35 % to 85 %RH [No condensation]
Controller YHX controller *7
When the conveying weight exceeds 10 kg, it will drop to 1,000 mm/sec according to the weight.
It may differ depending on the system configuration.
When the jig palette to equip to the robot slider is longer, it shall be the jig palette length + 10 mm.
Up to 10 m linear module can be supplied with the optional 1000 W power source.
Up to 2 robot sliders can be supplied with the optional 1000 W power source.
Operate LCMR200 in the temperature environment (+/-5 °C) that installation and adjustment were performed.
The YHX controller requires a separate electrical power supply.

Standard profile specification

Applicable controller YHX-HCU
Operation method Point trace point No. specified positioning and direct value coordinate specified positioning.
Comparative robot LCMR200, LCM-X and GX series
(LCMR200 and LCM-X cannot be controlled together).
Interface YHX-PP, and field network communication
Operation type Absolute position moving
Maximum number of points that can be registered. 65535
No. of control axes
(Total of sliders and single-axis robots, however, up to 16 axes for single-axis robot)
EtherCAT 64
EtherNet/IP™ 64
CC-Link 22
Main input and output
See the manual for other functions.
All axes target input Servo ON/OFF switch/Interlock/Alarm reset
All axes target output Servo State/Interlock State/Alarm State/Heart beat/Emergency stop State
Individual axis target input Servo ON/OFF switch/Return to Origin/Positioning moving inside the control range (including LCM relay operation)/Slider insertion preparation from outside the control range/Slider discharge to outside the control range/Jog movement, inching movement/Movement Stop
Individual axis target output Servo State/Return to origin State/Output specified point No. for various execution state display/Current position/Axis alarm State
Main remote command
See the manual for other remote commands.
Writing/reading of setting data
Alarm check
Writing and reading of integrated running distance and No of transits.

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