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Linear Conveyor Module LCMR200 YAMAHA genuine circulation unit

Yamaha’s answer to Next Generation of Production Line design


Sleek and simple configuration.
Simplified line design process with flexibility and efficiency by modular concept.

All carriages and peripheral linear robots can be controlled by PLC through one YHX controller.

Layout example with a combination of the module and circulation unit.

Horizontal circulation example

Vertical circulation example

Circulation unit

Circulation units are available as standard. Because the circulation units are manufacturer's standard products, the stable operation of the production line is achieved without worrying about module "deviation". Furthermore, you can also save time and effort in design.

YAMAHA genuine circulation units achieve the stable operation of the production line.

Circulation unit features

POINT 1 Measures against “deviation” necessary to maintain the accuracy are taken thoroughly.

Maintaining the accuracy is very important for transfer sections, but is not easy since “deviation” may occur. Use of YAMAHA genuine circulation units makes it possible to eliminate such “deviation” and maintain the accuracy.

POINT 2 Easy adjustment

The end plate that positions the module on the main line side is shipped with the accuracy adjusted, so the adjustment is completed by simply enabling the accuracy correction function. After installation, the work you have to do is only teaching.

The module on the main line side is positioned by the end plate.

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