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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart

Industrial robots (Electric actuators)

Universal Controller YHX series

YAMAHA's Advanced Robotics Automation Platform realizes cooperative motions and synchronized control among all the robots, peripheral units and devices that make up an automated line.



4-Axis Configuration Example Universal Controller Configuration
(1 high-capacity power unit + 1 host control unit + 4 driver units)
Gateway Configuration
(Gateway unit + 4 driver units)
Controllable Robots Single-axis (AC servo/step)
Multiple axis (cartesian, SCARA, articulated)
Linear conveyor module
Model mix compatible
Single-axis (AC servo/step)
Multiple axis (cartesian, [SCARA])
External Dimensions H150mm x W232.2mm x D125mm H150mm x W158.8mm x D125mm
Weight Approx. 4.5kg Approx. 3kg
Power Capacity Single-phase 3.4kVA/three-phase 6kVA Single-phase 2.2kVA/three-phase 4.4kVA
Allowable Motor Capacity Single-phase 1.6kW/three-phase 3kW Single-phase 1kW/three-phase 2.5kW
Maximum Number of Connected Axes 16
Field Network Master [PROFINET⋅EtherNet/IPTM⋅EtherCAT]
Slave [PROFINET⋅EtherNet/IPTM⋅EtherCAT⋅ (CC-Link*) ⋅ (DeviceNet*)]
Slave [PROFINET⋅EtherNet/IPTM⋅EtherCAT⋅ (CC-Link*) ⋅ (DeviceNet*]
Functions PTP/Press-in/Coupling
3-dimensional interpolation (straight line/arc/helical etc.)
Synchronization (electronic cam/electronic gear etc.)
PLC functions [ladder/FB/ST/etc.]
3-dimensional interpolation (straight line/arc)
Programing Pad Connectable Not connectable
Connection adapter required.

127 Toyooka, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 433-8103, Japan

Telephone 81-53-525-8350 /
Facsimile 81-53-525-8378

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