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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart

Industrial robots

Motor-less Single Axis Actuator Advanced model LGXS

High Precision Accuracy grades C5, High Durability , Clean specification as a standard feature.

Advanced model LGXS

Advanced model LGXS

Higher efficiency, accuracy, and reliability from ground ball screw. Ideal for base axis of multi-axis configuration.

  • Maximum payload:
    2kg to 160kg
  • Maximum speed:
    300 to 2,400mm/sec
  • Stroke:
    50 to 1,450mm


01Shortest Overall Length

The industry’ s shortest class is achieved for the total length in relation to the effective stroke.

02High Precision

・Adopted ground ball screws Ball screw Remove Accuracy: Accuracy class C5
・Positioning Remove Accuracy repeatability: +/-5 μm

03Cleanroom Ready Design

・Protective stainless dust shield
・Ports are ready for vacuum fittings

04Motor orientation is changeable with optional conversion unit

Motor unit of standard straight type can be used for side-mount setup.

Various data

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