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Industrial robots

Motor-less Single Axis Actuator Basic model LBAS

High Rigidity, Compact, Low Cost. Designed to accommodate motors from most leading manufacturers.

Basic model LBAS

Basic model LBASHigh Rigidity・Compact・Low Cost

Newly designed integrated guide rail/frame structure. Improved moment load capacity in compact frame size. Designed to accommodate motors from most leading manufacturers.

  • Maximum payload:
    2kg to 100kg
  • Maximum speed:
    133 to 1,333mm/sec
  • Stroke:
    50 to 1,100mm


01High Rigidity

Moment rigidity is increased approximately three times from current models.

02High Precision

Straightness (running parallelism):+/-0.02/800 mm


Frame width is reduced by approximately 20% from current models

04Motor attaching direction, Easily changeable with the special bending part

05Installation process is simple and easy

1.Mounting holes are accessible from top or bottom without disassembling actuator unit.
2.Standard surface on the side and dowel pin holes on the bottom.

06Easy Maintenance

Moving parts can be lubricated from outside without opening actuator

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