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Industrial robots

Orbit type SCARA robots YK-TW

Resolves the shortcomings of previous SCARA and parallel-link robots. Offers both superior positioning accuracy and high speed. YAMAHA'S Next-Generation SCARA Robot: The YK-TW Omnidirectional Type.



Axis specifications X-axis Arm length 175mm 250mm
Rotation angle +/−225°
Y-axis Arm length 175mm 250mm
Rotation angle +/−225°
Z-axis Stroke 130mm
R-axis Rotation angle +/−720°
AC servo motor output X-axis / Y-axis / Z-axis / R-axis 750W / 400W / 200W / 105W
Deceleration mechanism X-axis / Y-axis / Z-axis / R-axis Speed reducer Harmonic drive / Harmonic drive / Ball screw / Belt speed reduction
Transmission method Motor to speed reducer Timing belt / Direct-coupled / Timing belt / Timing belt
Speed reducer to output Direct-coupled / Direct-coupled / Direct-coupled / Timing belt
RepeatabilityNote1 XY axes +/−0.01mm +/−0.015mm
Z-axis +/−0.01mm
R-axis +/−0.01°
Maximum speed XY axes synthesis 5.6m/sec 6.8m/sec
Z-axis 1.5m/sec
R-axis 3000°/sec
Maximum payloadNote2 5kg 5kg(RCX340)
Standard cycle timeNote3 0.32sec(RCX340) 0.29sec
R-axis tolerable moment of inertiaNote4 Rated 0.005kgm2
Maximum 0.05kgm2
User wirling 0.15sq×8wires
User tubing (Outer diameter) φ6×2
Travel limit 1.Soft limit 2.Mechanical stopper(X,Y,Z axis)
Robot cable length Standard:3.5m Option:5m, 10m
Weight 26kg 27kg
In constant ambient temperature.
Tool flange specifications (optional) apply to the YK350TW (4kg) and the YK500TW (4kg)
When moving a 1kg load back and forth 30 mm horizontally and 25 mm vertically (rough positioning arch motion).
May need to limit parameters (such as acceleration) according to the moment of inertia being used.
The recommended positional relationship regarding the center of the load weight (center of gravity position) and the offset amount from the R-axis center are shown in the graph below.
R-axis moment of inertia

Ordering method

Ordering method

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