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Industrial robots


Multi robots

Introduces the single-axis robot, multi-robot.



Robot settings

2-unit robot setting

Using a multi-task program along with this 2-unit setting allows asynchronous independent operation. Using this along with an auxiliary axis setting allows even more freedom in assigning axes to tasks.

Main auxiliary axis setting

Use this auxiliary axis setting when simultaneous movement with the MOVE command is impossible. An axis set for the mainauxiliary axis moves only by the DRIVE command (axis separate movement command) and cannot operate from the MOVE command. Using this setting is recommended for operating on an axis that is not synchronized with the main robot.

Dual setting

Make this set ting when operating dual -drive (2-axis simultaneous control).
Use this dual-drive setting on gantry type Cartesian robots having a long Y axis stroke when stabilizing at high acceleration/deceleration or when high-thrust is needed with high loads.

Double carrier

This setting allows adding 2 motors to 1 axis on robot types where the motor unit runs separately such as the linear motor single-axis PHASER series or the N-type (nut rotation type) FLIP-X series.

  1 to 4 axes controller
Name RCX340
Appearance RCX340
Position detection Incremental/Absolute
Control model FLIP-X and PHASER can be mixed.
Maximum number of programs 100 programs
Maximum number of points 30,000 points
Number of input/ output points Standard Dedicated input 8 points/
dedicated output 9 points
General-purpose input 16 points/
general-purpose output 8 points
Expansion General-purpose input 24 points/
general-purpose output 16 points
Network option CC-Link, DeviceNetTM, Ethernet/IPTM, Ethernet, PROFIBUS, PROFINET

Multi-robot ordering method

Multi-robot ordering method

Note. See each controller窶冱 page for info on how to write the controller and controller options when ordering.

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