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Industrial robots

Single axis robot controller ERCD

Introduces the single-axis robot controller ERCD.



Model ERCD
Number of controllable axes Single-axis
Controllable robots Single-axis robot FLIP-X series T4L / T5L / C4L / C5L / YMS
Basic specifications
Capacity of the connected motor DC24V 30W or less
Dimensions W44 × H166 × D117mm
Weight 0.45kg
Input power supply DC24V +/- 10% maximum 3A to 4.5A(Variable depending on robots in use.)
Axis control
Drive method AC full-digital software servo
Position detection method Resolver
Operating method Normal mode: point trace movement, program operation, operation using RS-232C communication Pulse Train mode: operation by pulse train input
Position indication units mm (millimeters)
Speed setting 1% to 100% (Setting by 1% unit)
Acceleration setting 1. Automatic speed setting per robot No. and payload
2. Setting based on acceleration and deceleration parameter 1% to 100% (Setting by 1% unit)
Resolution 16384 P/rev
Origin search method Incremental
Program language YAMAHA SRC
Multitasks 4 tasks
Point-data input method Manual data input (coordinates input), Direct teaching, Remote teaching
RAM 32 Kbytes with lithium battery backup (5-year life) Retains programs, point data, parameters and alarm history
Programs 100 programs (Maximum program number)
255 steps per program 1024 steps / total or less
Points 1000 points (256 when point tracing)
External input/output
I/O interface Normal modeNote1 Sequence input Dedicated input 8 points, General input 6 points
Sequence output Dedicated input 3 points, General input 6 points, Open collector output
Pulse train modeNote1 Sequence input Dedicated input 5 points, General input 6 points
Sequence output Dedicated input 3 points, General input 6 points, Open collector output
Command pulse input Type 1.Phase A / phase B, 2.Pulse / code, 3.CW / CCW
Mode Line driver (+5V)
Frequency Maximum 2 Mpps
Feedback pulse output Terminal name PA+, PA-, PB+, PB-, PZ+, PZ
Type Phase A / phase B / phase Z
Mode Line driver (+5V)
Number of pulse 16 to 4096 P/rev
Power supply for sequence I/O External DC +24V input
Emergency stop input Normal close contact point input
Brake output Relay output (for 24V/300mA brake) 1CH
External communications RS-232C 1CH (For communication with HPB or PC)
Programming box HPB, HPB-D (with enable switch)
Support software for PC POPCOM
General specifications
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C
Storage temperature -10°C to 65°C
Operating humidity 35% to 85%RH (non-condensing)
Noise resistance capacity IEC61000-4-4 Level 2
Protective functions Overload, overvoltage, voltage drop, resolver wire breakage, runaway detection, etc.

Note1  Switching between the normal mode and pulse train mode is done by use of the parameter.

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Telephone +81-53-525-8350 /
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