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PBX update data Older version

When data with old version are necessary, download from here.

Version Operation compatibility RCX340 version File name
V.1.20 V1.83, R0396~
V.1.19 V1.83, R0396~
V.1.18 V1.83, R0396~
V.1.17 V1.83, R0396~
V.1.16 V1.68, R0338 ~
V.1.15 V1.66, R0329 ~
V.1.14 V1.46,R0299 ~
V.1.13 V1.46,R0299 ~
V.1.12 V1.46,R0299 ~
V.1.11 V1.30 R0254 ~
V.1.09 V1.15 R0128 ~
V.1.08 V1.15 R0128 ~
V.1.07 V1.15 R0128 ~
V.1.06 V1.10 R0053 ~
V1.05 V1.10 R0053 ~

127 Toyooka, Chūō-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 433-8103, Japan

Telephone +81-53-525-8350 /
Facsimile +81-53-525-8378

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