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History of Yamaha SMT Business

Starting as the IM Business Unit established in the 1980s, Yamaha SMT has continued to evolve with its customers.

History of Yamaha SMT Business

History of Yamaha SMT Business

1980-1989 Representative event:
Compact discs appear (1st generation of optical disc)


Seeing robots as being the future as a result of a visit to the U.S.


Exhibits at exhibitions as IM Technology Group; The Division prompted to produce mounters

Representative event: CASIO releases the 1st generation of G-Shock; A home use video game console, the Nintendo Family Computer, goes on sale in Japan


The IM Business Unit established ; starts supplying mounter as OEM


Release mouners under own brand





The 1st unit of the mounter with the latest technology "visual recognition technology" was delivered

1990-1999 Representative event:
DVD appears (2nd generation of optical disc);
fax machines become popular,
pagers gain popularity


Annual sales reach 5 billion yen


Full vision mounter YV112 goes on sale

A full vision mounter that adopts strobe lighting and a high-speed vision system




Laser sensor & vision system mounter YVL80 goes on sale

Featuring both the laser sensor and the vision system for the first time in the world, the YVL80 was renowned as an innovative multi-purpose mounter.



Representative event: Nichia develops a blue LED


Representative event: SONY Home video game console PlayStation goes on sale


Annual sales reach 10 billion yen

Representative event: The world's first digital camera with an LCD monitor, QV-10, goes on sale; Microsoft Windows 95 released


Multi-vision mounters YV100 and YVL88 go on sale

As compilations of previous technologies, the products achieved even higher efficiency through the full vision technology for recognizing all components on a multi-vision camera. The YV100 and YVL88, which were referred to as the KM series, were widely accepted by the market and Yamaha established its position as a top manufacturer of medium-speed mounters by that time.




Representative event: Toyota-Prius, the world's first mass produced hybrid car, goes on sale


Representative event: Apple releases a desktop computer with integrated display, iMac G3


Compact modular concept mounter YV100X and 88X go on sale

The YV100X and 88X proposed the "High-speed mounter" concept to the market where large rotary mounters were the mainstream. This module concept is still the driving force for Yamaha mounters to make advances today.



Representative event: SONY releases the entertainment robot AIBO

2000-2004Representative event:
Flat panel TVs become popular


Yamaha's first solder paste printer YVP goes on sale

Yamaha develops a full-vision (image recognition) type solder paste printer, the YVP, that seamlessly integrates with its surface mounters.



Representative event: The Year 2000 problem occurs


The YV100Xg mounter goes on sale

Starting to install Microsoft Windows, the product adopted the Multiple Accuracy Compensation System (MACS), which is the foundation of the current Yamaha mounter quality. The YV100Xg established Yamaha market position as high-speed, high-quality, compact, and low-price modular mounters, which led to the survival and subsequent rapid progress in Yamaha's SMT business.



Representative event: iPod (1st generation) goes on sale


Yamaha i-CUBE, a multi-purpose, high precision hybrid placer, goes on sale

The hybrid placer i-CUBE was developed as a mounter for hybrid mounting of bare chips, flip chips, and other IC chips in addition to surface-mounted components (SMD) to assemble parts for a quartz oscillator, SAW filter, and parts for mobile phone as well as devices such as IC packages. The i-CUBE is a popular product to the present day.




Cumulative shipments reach 10,000 units


The solder paste printer YVPXg goes on sale

The Multiple Accuracy Compensation System (MACS) developed for compensation of the component mounting acuracy of a mounter was applied to printers to realize high quality printing. The product was a major hit and drove rapid growth in Yamaha printers.




The modular high-speed mounter YG series was launched




IT Option goes on sale; Support for automatic set-up

Production support software (optional function group called "IT Option") that provides improved operating rates and enhanced quality control, in addition to drawing out the performance of the equipment itself, was developed to support production on a mounting line.


2005-2009Representative event:
Social network Services (SNS) widely used


The mounting inspector Mi jointly developed with Yamaha group company i-PULSE.

A pioneering equipment was developed for mounting inspection and traceability, which are the core of Yamaha's "1 Stop Smart Solution" concept.



Representative event: YouTube established


Cumulative shipments reach 20,000 units

Representative event: iPhone (1st generation) goes on sale


The electric feeder SS Feeder goes on sale

The SS Feeder realizes excellent component supply speed and high component positioning accuracy by adopting a newly developed microcomputer controlled ultra-thin motor. This allowed Yamaha SMT to support traceability based on high accuracy mounting with the feeder and to secure next-generation quality.


SS Feeder


The compact high-speed modular mounter YS12 goes on sale; Based on a new concept, it performs the industry's highest level of productivity per area

The "compact, high-speed modular" concept was a major hit and the YS12 continued to be Yamaha SMT's top selling item for the next ten years. The YS88 and YS100 were subsequently put on the market as YS series products.



Representative event: Google introduces Android


QA-Option, production support system that improves quality issues in modular mounting systems goes on sale

As a manufacturer that handles a full lineup of SMT equipment, Yamaha SMT developed a platform for linking the inspector and the mounter to collect and analyze a wide range of effective information from the entire SMT process. "QA Option" was born as software that supports customers working on quality issues. This has continued to be a production support system that serves the core of Yamaha's "1 Stop Smart Solution" to the present day.



The high-speed, high-precision, hybrid AOI YSi-12 goes on sale

An AOI was put on the market along with printers and mounters for quality assurance of the SMT process. By combining IT Option, QA Option, and other production support systems, Yamaha's "1 Stop Smart Solution" proposal took off in earnest.



Representative event: Dyson launched "Dyson Air Multiplier," a bladeless fan


The compact ultra-high speed modular YS24 that performs the world's highest productivity per area goes on sale

This was the turning point at which Yamaha SMT, which began with medium-speed mounters, started being called "No.1 in the world."


2010-2014Representative event:
Use of big data increases


Cumulative shipments reach 30,000 units

Representative event: Apple founder Steve Jobs dies


The high density modular Z:TA YSM 40 that realizes the industry's highest level of mounting speed and productivity per area goes on sale

As Yamaha's first 4-beam 4-head layout machine, Yamaha SMT launched a mounter featuring the world's highest level of productivity. A newly developed "ZS Feeder" that supports Z:TA's high speed pick-up was also put on the market.


ZS Feeder


Merged with i-PULSE, a major figure in multi purpose mounters

Yamaha SMT merged with i-PULSE, a company renowned for its multi-purpose mounters for Odd-shape components, which had produced models such as the M10 and M20. The tenacity of i-PULSE's enthusiastic engineers was added to Yamaha family.




Annual sales reach 30 billion yen


The AOI YSi-V, which incorporates all high-speed high-resolution 2D inspections, height, and sloped surface 3D inspections, and 4-direction oblique image inspections in one unit, goes on sale

The YSi-V was put on the market. It was a breakthrough in terms of Yamaha SMT's process inspection systems. With its repeatability enabled by the high rigidity body used for mounters and system performance that will not miss failures in various 2D /3D inspections, the YSi-V rapidly increased Yamaha's market share.


Representative event: A smart speaker appears on the market


The world's fastest in class, high efficiency modular mounter, the Z:LEX YSM20, that can efficiently perform a wide range of production types, goes on sale

The Z:LEX YSM20 is a high efficiency modular mounter that has the versatility to flexibly and efficiently support different types of production for various items and the world's fastest mounting performance in its class. Featuring the world's highest productivity in High-Mix production, the Z:LEX YSM20 brought about a giant leap for the world's high-speed multi purpose mounters.


2015-2019Representative event:
Cloud storage spreads


Merged with the Σ product series of the Hitachi High-Tech Group, a major figure in ultra-high-speed mounters

Yamaha SMT merged with the Σ series from the Hitachi High-Tech Group, a company renowned for the F8 and the G5. From collaboration work with Sigma engineering team and service members who are involved in the development and maintenance of ultra-high-speed mounters, Yamaha's technological development capability was further strengthened.



Representative event: Apple Watch goes on sale


The 3D hybrid mounters S10 and S20 that flexibly support various types of production in one unit, which enables mounting on irregular surfaces, sloped surfaces, and curved surfaces, goes on sale

The S10 and S20 were developed with the concept of a “manufacturing center” with which mounting, dispensing, and inspection can all be performed in one unit. With their excellent component mounting speed and accuracy, flexibility for mounting ultra small chips to large components, and a head that combines a mounting head and a dispensing head, the S10 and S20 were the culmination of our relentless pursuit for the next level. They feature the highest level of flexibility, which allows “hybrid mounting,” or alternately performing dispensing and mounting components.




Z:LEX YSM20W—The world's first high-speed mounter with a capacity to support a wider range of boards and that enables dual-lane mounting on boards over 300 mm wide

The Z:LEX YSM20W realized high-speed, high-precision dual-lane mounting on boards exceeding 300 mm in width for the first time in the world in the global trend of dual-lane mounting.



The ultra-high-speed modular mounter Z:TA-R YSM40R featuring an ultra-high-speed rotary head that achieves the world's highest speed of 200,000 CPH goes on sale

Yamaha SMT finally succeeded in developing a modular mounter that achieves the world's highest speed of 200,000 CPH. Yamaha SMT, which started as a medium-speed mounter manufacturer finally became one of the best mounter manufacturers in the world.



Yamaha IoT/M2M integrated system "Intelligent Factory" that realizes smart manufacturing with advanced technology launched

Intelligent Factory is an integrated system that uses cutting-edge IT technologies to integrate Yamaha's production system with support software and makes any factory smart by linking between SMT equipment, lines, a host, MES, ERP system, and so on. Combined with the synergy effect of Yamaha's "1 Stop Smart Solution," it allows you to build a high-efficiency sophisticated linked system with no black box.
In addition, thanks to its construction as a group of function-specific packages, Intelligent Factory can be efficiently introduced according to the necessary functions or budget without overextending oneself.


Intelligent Factory


Annual sales reach 50 billion yen


Cumulative shipments reach 40,000 units


A long-awaited solder paste inspection (SPI) makes its first appearance; the 3D high-speed SPI YSi-SP that realizes "1 Stop Smart Solution," from the printer to AOI, goes on sale

An SPI, a missing piece in the comprehensive proposal for the SMT process, was put on the market. The YSi-SP enabled Yamaha to make proposals on all kinds of equipment except conveyors and reflow oven, completing a comprehensive SMT process solution as "1 Stop Smart Solution."



The component supply-related streamlining solutions "Auto Loading Feeder," "New Auto Tray Station (ATS) for pallet replacement without stopping the process," and "Intelligent SMD Storage System YST15" go on sale

As the demand for power saving and labor saving in the SMT process grows, the "Auto Loading Feeder," "New Auto Tray Station (ATS) for pallet replacement without stopping the production run ," and "Intelligent SMD Storage System" were successively put on the market as solutions for reasonable component supply.
This promoted the vision of Yamaha SMT that advances as a total solution provider of the SMT floor as well as the SMT line to the world.



The solder paste printer YSP10 that can automate all set-up change work for the first time in the world and that realizes the highest level of cycle time in the world goes on sale

By fully automating set-up change work best suited for multiproduct production and with Yamaha's unique high precision printing, an innovative new product that is part of the SMT floor solution was completed.



Yamaha Motor Robotics Holdings* established as a turnkey provider of post-processing for semiconductors

With the aim of providing a comprehensive solution beyond the expectations of customers as a turnkey provider for post-processing of semiconductors by integrating influential technologies of companies: the surface mounter and industrial robotics businesses of Yamaha Motor, bonding equipment of Shinkawa, and molding equipment of APIC Yamada, Yamaha Motor Robotics Holdings (YMRH) was established as a new company.
This has led to Yamaha Robotics becoming the only business entity in the world that can provide consistent solutions for post-processing to SMT processing of semiconductors and then to the subsequent assembly process (FA system) in one

* Company name changed in January 2021 : Yamaha Robotics Holdings (YRH)


2020- Representative event:
5G communication begins


The premium high efficiency modular mounter YRM20 that achieves the world's fastest speed in the high-speed rotary head class with a renewed platform goes on sale

The YRM20 is a premium high-efficiency modular mounter featuring two types of heads: the newly developed high-speed, multi purpose rotary head that achieves the world's fastest mounting capacity in its class (RM head) and the newly designed in-line head featuring high speed and high flexibility with the "one head solution" (HM head). This is a modular mounter that makes production possible with the highest efficiency in the world in High-Mix production and the YRM20 is expected to bring about a crucial breakthrough in the world in the near future.


Representative event: COVID-19 spreads


Cumulative shipments reach 50,000 units


The YRi-V 3D hybrid AOI system that achieves both high speed, high mounting accuracy , goes on sale.

The YRi-V inherits the high versatility of the YSi-V, which can perform 2D, 3D, and 4-angle inspection in a single unit, and the high robustness of the mounter-derived high-rigidity housing. With these features, the YRi-V has greatly improved its inspection capability for ultra-small components mounted adjacently and mirror surface components.

In addition, a new inspection head equipped with a high-speed, high-resolution camera has realized the industry's fastest inspection speed, and the adoption of AI has simplified the creation, conversion, and tuning of inspection data.



The YRH10 hybrid placer integrating functions of both a SMD and a die bonder for bare chips into a single unit, goes on sale.

Hybrid placer ideal for mixed mounting of SMD and wafer components in just a single unit. YRH10 drastically boosts productivity and mounting accuracy reaching a bare chip mounting speed of 10,800 CPH and ±15 μm accuracy when supplying wafers. The YRH10 has vastly boosted compatibility with all types of multi-chip modules and IC packages. This hugely impacts not only surface mounting technology but also the entire semiconductor industry.


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