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Yamaha Motor Revs Your Heart


Compact High-speed Modular YSM10 Overview

YSM series entry model mounter that achieved both the world’s fastest speed and versatility in its class worldwide!

Compact High-speed Modular YSM10
Compact High-speed Modular YSM10
  • 46,000CPH World Leading*1-Beam/1-Head Class, Entry Model Surface Mounter
  • Speed increases of 25% or more on conventional models and achieving the world's fastest* mounting capacity
    HM head adopted with new scan camera for broader range of component size compatibility
  • Scalability for flexibly adjust to production site requirements
  • Enhanced functionality to provide for table production
World’s fastest surface mounter in the 1-Beam, 1-Head Class in comparison of mounting capacity (CPH) under optimal conditions. January 10, 2017, Yamaha Motor data.

Function and Feature

Entry model that has both high speed and flexibility

Mounting speed makingit No. 1 in its class!

The 1-head solution!

Flexible response for different production configurations!

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