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Intelligent SMD Storage System

SMD Storage System
SMD Storage System
  • Achieved automation of storage and refill management for surface mounter components-can now monitor a max. of 1,500 reels and load and unload a max. of 36 reels in one batch.
  • Vastly boosts efficiency by cutting down on the time and trouble for component supply
  • Smart component and refill functions
  • Compound effect from linking different functions helps cut work-task losses


Storage capacity 1,500 (7 inch 8 mm reels)
Max. number of reels entered/retrieved from stock in one batch 36
Humidity control function Option
Max. number of connections 99 units Note : Use of separate PC recommended when linking 4 or more units
Main accessories Touch panel
1D label printer
1D scanner
Component management software WMS
Power supply Single-phase AC 110V to AC 230V +/-5% 50/60Hz
External dimension L 2,585 x W 1,500 x H 2,450mm (Not including options)
L 2,585 x W 1,623 x H 2,450mm (Includes humidity control function)
Weight 1,050kg (Not including options)
1,100kg (Includes humidity control function)
Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.
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