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Super High Efficiency Dual Lane Modular YRM20DL Overview

The 1 head solution has reached an ultimate stage. A dual-lane surface mounter delivering great productivity, flexibility and ability to take on PCB.

Super High Efficiency Dual Lane Modular YRM20DL
Super High Efficiency Dual Lane Modular YRM20DL

The 1 head solution has reached an ultimate stage. A dual-lane surface mounter delivering great productivity, flexibility and ability to take on PCB.

  • 1 head solution provides broad-range production capability
  • Solution for variable-mix, variable volume production
  • High accuracy mounting and steady production of micro components
  • High-efficiency production with various features

Function and Feature

2-beam 2-head Dual-lane class 120,000CPH

1 head covers 0201mm to large-size components

Dual-lane transfers PCB Max.W330mm

Low-impact, High mounting accuracy ±15um

Recommend for Such Production Site

For customers who want to achieve the highest productivity in a limited floor space

Various Yamaha original features realize full dual lane lines with twice the productivity in the same floor space

The Yamaha 1 head solution provides both high speed mounting for chip components and flexibility for mid-to-large components

  • RM head:A newly developed head that realizes both high-speed chip mounting and flexibility for mid-sized components up to 12mm, T6.5mm.
  • HM head:Realizes large component high-speed mounting and flexibility via 10 fully proven inline heads + scan camera.
  • FM head: is a high-precision high-efficiency head that holds up to 5 nozzles while also handling large-size-tall and odd-shaped component. The FM head also has a force control function.

Supports various dual-lane surface mounting with high efficiency

  • Parallel Mode : Production of different types (same type is also possible) on two lanes. For PCBs with a small number of component types, and for situations where you want to increase production capacity as much as possible.
  • Alternate Mode : Two lanes produce the same board. For PCBs with a large number of component types and with a short cycle time.
  • Hybrid Mode : By combining parallel mode and alternate mode on the same line, productivity can be maximized while maintaining the number of feeder slots.

High-efficiency production with various features

  • ALF:Applies a unique center-open method to successfully realize non-skilled operation + labor-saving by tape and reel presetting + improved pickup rate.
  • Side-view camera function monitors nozzle tip images to detect the component pickup position (attitude) and detects such as missing components, vertical mounting errors, and reversed components.
  • Relative height of the mounting surface and component bottom controlled by measuring PCB height to control mounting height, which minimizes impact on micro components togeter with a low static-loaded nozzle.
  • IT option - Production Setup Verify ensures quality via barcode checks during component changeovers and refills. It also handles Material Time Limit Management & Bin Code Management tasks.
  • IT option traceability function utilizes ID information during component verification to identify the range of the defective lot.
  • All Image Tracer Plus saves images during component recognition and applies factor analysis to them when a defect occurs. Images from the side-view camera can also be saved.
  • Dashboard analyzes the operating rate and mounting quality to support better productivity and quality. N-point collation function linked to the YSi-V and All Image Tracer help to swiftly identify the cause of defects.

Various features that enable operation with less man-hours

  • Auto Loading Feeder realize non-skilled operation + labor-saving by tape and reel presetting.
  • ZSR feeder: Light-weight single feeder that can be carried in one hand with reel attached allows external setups/changeovers of reel-setting tasks. This vastly reduces the load on the operator.
  • IT Option- Components Remain Counter:Gives pre-warning of component shortage (stockout) to allow preparing spare tape and reels and splicing the tape before the machine stops.
  • Automatic changeovers: Prevents changeover errors and reduces machine switchover downtime on multi-connected lines by sequentially carrying out the “next changeover’ when the next PCB lot arrives. Automatic push-up pin changerover is also available.
  • Dashboard and All Image Tracer Plus can reduce man-hours from checking the matter to investigating the cause and taking countermeasures.

Various features that realize automatic maintenance inside the machine

  • Maintenance made easy: Yamaha’s mounter head
  • Automatic cleaning of nozzles and shafts within the machine Shaft blow / Side blow
  • Nozzle ID management enables maintenance optimization based on the total number of shots.The nozzle holder can be exchanged with a single touch which makes setup and maintenance easy.
  • Nozzle and feeder maintenance warnings:Self-diagnosis and self-recovery functions continuously maintain nozzles and feeders in a clean state for continuous high-quality production.
  • Maintenance support with the dashboard

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